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The designers in Denmark draw inspiration from many palettes, including nature, the seasons, the colour spectrum, contemporary fashion, the past and the future, cities and life around. The inspiration behind our design collections comes primarily from fashion cities and street life around the world, fashion fairs and the fashion industry, art, graphics, mythology and history – and everything that is important to as well as fascinates our customers and us.

New ideas stem from a universe of inspiration, from everywhere around us, to be distilled into concepts and designs that flow with fashion and reflect the moment. From there, the concepts take shape in the form of fashionable, high-impact jewellery, watches and sunglasses that resonate with women all over the world.







We have several tools to work with when we start up a new collection. One of them is the Pilgrim Girl. We use different types of girls as a visual moodboard to be sure our collection has items for the different markets and styles. We design our jewellery for an urban, conscious, authentic, independent and feminine woman. She loves quality and has an innate sense of style that is expressed through a range of pieces, uniquely put together in a way that is hers alone. The Pilgrim Girl is feminine, spontaneous, curious and above all genuine. While she loves fashion, she follows it at her own pace and with her own taste. She is attracted by open minded, positive and welcoming environments, encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Pilgrim celebrates the urban woman and provides her with a style that is feminine, cool and reflects current international fashion trends with a modern look and feel.  

The Pilgrim Girl has no age,
just different moods. 



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